This is the first public alpha release of the World Programming Language. World is strongly inspired by REBOL, developed by (some will say pioneer in these kinds of languages) Carl Sassenrath, which again is influenced by languages such as Self, Forth, Lisp and Logo.

World is also influenced by Lua and Stackless Python.

Why another language? After many years of programming experience, I find programming in most languages comparable to carving weird signs into stone. It's an enormous task, and when you look at all the weird signs and symbols, it quickly becomes unnecessarily complex and often unreadable.

With World, it's like having a printing press a la Gutenberg. There is a minimum of syntax and strange symbols, and the code is very much human readable. Consequence is, that developers become more productive and produce better code with less errors.

With my interest in science, a big goal with World is also to give scientists a tool to create their code with less effort, so they can concentrate on science instead of using their time to figure out strange programming languages.

REBOL programmers will have a head start to learn and understand World, even if World is quite different with its virtual machine, different binding rules and other minor or major differences.

The alpha release of World can be found at:

!!! Remember this is an alpha release, so it's for testing only. Use it at your own risk. Do not distribute. !!!